Windshield- A Necessary Safety Part Which Cannot Be Compromised

Usually, when a person goes to buy a car, they do not think of the importance of windshields. They believe that it is unnecessary to get one. Most of the time people focus on the performance of a car; some focus on the engine while others go for the looks. People also look into the safety of a car of which windshield plays a vital role.

Importance of Windshields

  • Protection:The first thing that comes to our minds when we purchase a car is its safety features or protection. The windshield helps in protecting the car as it is basically a shield as the name suggests. The shields protect us from the wind, rain, bugs and also other kinds of debris which we encounter on the road like for example rocks or dust. The windshield is a glass sandwich which has a layer of polyvinyl in between. It also has silicon which is connected to the rest of the car, and on the plus side, it is a great isolation and also is water resistant.
  • Flexibility Sandwich: The glass polyvinyl sandwich in a windshield has an added purpose which is of great importance for safety in a car. In the case of an accident which may occur the glass might break,but due to the polyvinyl being flexible it will cushion the impact.

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  • Damaged Windshields: Windshields can generally be destroyed by rocks or pebbles if a person is driving too fast or by a tree branch. Nowadays it is a regular occurrence to see people leaving their cars under trees. If there would be a storm, the windshields might crack. These kinds of situations should be avoided to save people from spending huge amounts of money. An important thing to mention here would be that a windshield cannot be repaired if the crack is more than 18 inches. Thus due caution must be used.

Thus we get to know from the above discussion how important the windshields are when it comes to cars. The car industry is developing really fast. Nowadays the windshields come with UV layers which protect us from radiation. For more information on the importance of windshields, please visit our site