Top 4 reasons for water glasses to damage

When you have auto glass they are certain to get damaged but you need to take great care of them and in case of even the slightest of negligence you may definitely end up replacing the auto glass of your vehicle.

Let us quickly check for the reasons for auto glass damage.

  • Hailstones

When it rains heavily there could be chances of hailstorms or stones hitting your vehicle. If the hail stones are too strong and huge, then certainly the auto glasses are to break. In such cases it is always good to check for a shelter and park your car and wait until the rain stops. This could be one of the major reasons for why the auto glassesget damaged

  • Extreme cold

Sometimes due to extreme cold auto glasses will crack and it also depends on the on the material that has been used to construct the auto glass. Therefore it is great to avoid driving when it is extreme cold and even if you have to drive, do take proper care of them to keep them away from getting damaged.

auto glass repair

  • Structure of the auto glass

Structure of the auto glass is one of the reasons for damages. They could break because of low quality material being used and most of the times if you try saving on cost you end up getting a poor quality auto glass which are certain to be broken quickly. So, it is always good to invest a little more on slightly expensive ones before investing on auto glass repair.

  • Pebbles on the road

Supposing you are zooming your car they could be a lot of pebbles and debris from the road that could hit the auto glass causing damages.

These are some of the main reasons that causes damage of water glasses in car