Pick Best HD camera for ultimate picture clarity


Planning for a vacation? Have to attend a function? All you need is an HD video camera or more preferably HD camcorder to record all your mesmerizing moments to make these moments memorable for entire lifetime.

But what happens if after working dedicatedly in capturing all the beautiful moments, you get blur and less quality images. Then you wonder what went wrong actually?

A forthright answer to this question is, if you want best quality images to be clicked, then choose best HD camera for you that is enable to capture high definition videos having high resolution and clear picture quality. So it’s always a better option to just explore different video cameras before making a purchase.

hd camcorder

Categorization of Video Cameras

Because of increasing demand of video cameras from past few decades, the modification and augmentation process for these video cameras became prevalent and due to this, modern video cameras with latest technology and ultimate designs have been introduced. Some of them are listed below.

  • Professional video cameras

Professional video cameras majorly known for television coverage are now vastly used for professional recording of music videos, corporate and educational videos, marriage videos etc.

  • Camcorders

Camcorders word is derived from ‘video camera recorder’ and means device that is a combination of video camera and recorder. Camcorders are widely used for home gathering or news gathering because of its light weight and easy operation.

  • CCTV(Closed circuit television) –

CCTV cameras are specially designed for security, surveillance or monitoring purposes i.e. small, hidden and no manual attendance required.

  • Webcams –

Webcams are used to see live video feeds.

How is camcorder different from video camera?

All camcorders are video cameras but all video cameras are not camcorders. Video cameras are used to capture motion pictures and it into electronic signal rather camcorders have inbuilt storage along with video recording.