How to use dog clippers?

Dog grooming is really a hectic task and if you are not taking your dog to a professional, the dog clippers are your best choice. Because if you have to take them to a professional, you will have to wait until the hair is fully grown. Instead you can trim it yourself from time to time.  You can buy yourself the best dog clippers and use it at home. You need not to be trained to trim your dog’s hair. It is quite an easy task. You can watch some videos online and then do it by yourself. Here are some of the tips on how to use dog clippers:

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  1. Read reviews: Before opting to buy a clipper for your dog, it is advised to read reviews about the best dog clippers at Then choose the one suiting your dog.
  2. Bathing and brushing: Before having the trim, it is necessary that your dog is bathed and brushed thoroughly. Sometimes due to tangles, trimming become quite painful. Try to get rid of any such hindrances.
  3. Use the right clipper: Usage of the clipper depends on the size of the dog. Various types of clippers are available depending upon the size of your dog.
  4. Calm your dog: Before trimming their hair, try calming them down. Also use a clipper that makes less noise. It has been seen that loud noises often make dogs terrified. Try calming your dog by talking to them is quite safe.
  5. Go slow: Don’t just pull their hair in order to finish it as quick as possible. Do it slowly and carefully. Otherwise you may hurt them. And doing it fast can result in leaving lines.
  6. Go in the right direction: First trim them from neck to the back of the dog and again follow the same in the other side.