How is Kratom Powder Effective against Opiate Addiction?

Kratom is a very commonly used herbal drug in the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Malaysia and more. It is one of the most common and handy herbs to cure addiction of opiate and other consumption drugs. Opiate addiction can be counted as one of the most widespread problems around many parts of the world. The usages of opiate pain killer meds are as illegal as the opiate drugs.

The alkaloids present in kratom acts as a substitute for the opiate drugs, and this helps to cure the opiate addiction and also relieves pain. A great thing about kratom is that after people are through with the opiate addiction, they can easily stop the kratom intake without any addiction. A lot of websites suggests dosage and how to intake kratom to quit the opiate addiction, here are some of those ways

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Things to regard when consuming kratom to battle opiate addiction

  • Our bodies have different biochemistry patterns, and they vary in nature. Something that is right for one person cannot be exactly similar for another.


  • The kratom intake should be decided on how addicted are you to opiate. That is how you should mark the level of your intake, for severe addiction a dosage of 16-25 grams is recommended.


  • Try to depend on the slightest amount of kratom as possible to start the process of withdrawal, know the more about dosage.


  • Discontinue the use of kratom after a span of 7-14 days; this relieves your body from trying to get addicted to some other herb. Kratom at times can turn out to be addictive, so be cautious.


  • Always adjust the dosage as per the necessity of your body. Kratom should be preferably consumed on an empty stomach this fastens the absorption process.


This is all you should know before considering shifting to kratom to cure opiate addiction. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before initiating the process. If you are looking for places to buy kratom online, visit Kratom Emporium.