Fascinating Facts about Crossword Puzzles That You Didn’t Know About!

The crossword puzzle is a simple game of words which is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Especially, people, who are growing old they prefer to solve these interesting puzzles printed in the daily newspapers in their leisure time. It not only serves as a good pastime for the elderly lot but it also helps them keep their brains active and healthy. Now, do you have any idea about the fascinating facts about this game? Well, who could have imagined that a simple game of crossword puzzles could also have such an interesting background, isn’t? In this article, I am going to leak a few of the amazing facts about the game to you.

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Facts about Crossword Puzzles

No matter how much a great a fan you are of crossword puzzles, I bet you didn’t know about half of these facts written below:

  • The first crossword puzzle game in the Sunday New York World was printed on 21st of December. The puzzle was devised by Liverpudlian Arthur Wynne.
  • In Britain and North America, it’s a tradition to design crossword grids in an 180-degree rotational symmetry. This is because when you turn the puzzle upside down, the pattern still appears the same.
  • Italian crossword puzzles have a higher number of vowels when compared to English ones.
  • In Japanese crossword puzzles, the squares in the corner are always white in color.
  • Cruciverbalism is the term that defines the process of creating crosswords.

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